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When it comes to legacy migrations, Forecross knows what's important to you. Like ensuring that your new database is truly relational (with no junction tables) and providing an excellent suite of testing tools, including I/O Navigator, to help guarantee that the database is correct - even before the first application program has been converted!

Using the Forecross Data Evaluator III, you are able to identify and handle any bad data that might exist in your current database, long before the process of data conversion begins. Which means that Forecross can guarantee no data will be left behind at conversion time.

Our application program conversion tools are superior to anything else available. Which means there are no 'black box' tools or run-time routines for you to maintain or depend on after the migration is complete, the COBOL generated uses easy-to-maintain, industry-standard application programming techniques, and you get 100% pseudo-conversational programs.

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