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The Forecross® Convert/ADSO product is a fully automated Migrations solution that converts your existing ADSO dialogs into ready-to-test COBOL programs that are in all other respects functionally identical to their ADSO counterparts. The Forecross automated ADSO Migrations reduces the time, cost and risk associated with other conversion alternatives and results in consistent, error-free, standardized code.

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Convert/ADSO supports a variety of user interfaces (including CICS, UNIKIX and Micro Focus CICS Option) in the target environment.   All ADSO components are converted to equivalent COBOL components:
  • ADSO dialogs and their associated processes are converted to CICS command level COBOL programs (or the equivalent in UNIKIX and MicroFocus environments)
  • Work records are converted to COBOL copy members
  • OLM maps are converted to BMS or SDF maps
  • MAP work records are converted to COBOL copy members
  • IDD Edit and Code tables are converted to COBOL copy members
  • INCLUDE modules are converted to COBOL copy members
  • ADSA tables are converted into COBOL control programs

Our Convert/ADSO product provides for a variety of user customization options including:

  • Renaming of dialogs (programs), maps, and other components
  • Whether COBOL PERFORM statements are to be generated as a PERFORM sectionname or as a PERFORM paragraphname THRU paragraphname-EXIT
  • Whether COBOL MOVE statements should emulate ADSO rounding or be truncated
  • The type of library control cards to be used for COBOL programs, copy members and generated maps (e.g. IEBUPDTE, CA-Librarian, CA-Panvalet, etc.)

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